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A New Era for Tarwa Onarouz

This blog was just created as part of our newly started cooperation with the IB programme at Hvitfeldtska high school in Gothenburg. All posts dated older than today have been imported from Maries personal blog where all posts about Tarwa Onarouz were created before. They are unfortunately in Swedish, but they represent the process of the project up until today.

This is, hence, the first official post for this blog.
The idea with this blog is that you should be able to follow the projects, thoughts and ideas of all the people working for Tarwa and a better future for these children.

Two days ago, on thursday the 27th of August, I travelled to Gothenburg to hold a presentation about Tarwa Onarouz to the IB 2 students at Hvitfeldtska. The idea came up early this year during a discussion with the IB teacher and journalist Maria Nicolai who wrote an article about me in Göteborgsposten. Since then I have talked to her and the IB principle at Hvitfeldtska Lena Ericsson – the idea grew until it was released into reality two days ago.

I was met by about 80 students and a number of my old teachers in the north assembly hall in my old high school. It felt a bit strange to stand in the spot where I was used to see the principle, but I guess that is part of growing up. The students were fantastic, they exceeded all my expectations. The response I got was amazing. Many of them stayed to talk after the presentation and later on in the school yard. They were full of ideas, they inspired me and gave me new perspectives and views.  The IB programme is full fo ambitious and brilliant young people. I really look forward to be working with them.

To all the students that read this:
You have two hard years ahead of you. Many of you will be asking yourselves: “Why did I pick the IB programme when my life could have been so much easier had I chosen a different path? Should I really go through with this?”. It is hard, but it is worth it. It will prepare you for university in an extraordinary way and it will teach you things that you can’t read in books. It will develop your personality, your perspectives and your critical thinking. You have a unique set of classmates, from different cultures and backgrounds – you can all learn something from each other. On top of that you have a set of extremely good and devoted teachers. So set your mind to it and do it! You will be thanking yourselves later. I was not the best in my class, far from it, I was somewhere in the upper middle. But med school is piece of cake now, compared to high school I sleep through university. My brain is set to remember things longer than for a test in two weeks and I have the ability to focus on the essentials and sort out the unimportant details that nobody could ever remember in the long run anyway. I learnt that in high school without even thinking about it, you will learn it too. Be proud of yourselves. Study hard, but don’t forget to spoil yourselves, take it easy and have fun every now and then. Take care of each other, you will make friends for life.

Let your work for Tarwa Onarouz be a way to let your mind wander free outside the strict walls of a syllabus. I will not be grading you and there is no final exam in CAS. This blog will be a great way to report it though. Feel free to write your thoughts and feelings about the projects here, go outside of the box. And remember that this is not a competition, every minute that is you put aside for Tarwa Onarouz is a gift and will lead to a change in the life of the abandoned children. Be inspired by your classmates, but be proud of yourselves and your own projects.

And to finish I will say as my old english teacher always did:
Don’t forget to do lots of wild and crazy things!


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